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The Intentional Community Expo (I.C.E.) is a world traveling Expo. Why world traveling? The Intentional Communities that exist around the world are taking revolutionary steps to live off the grid. They are the embodiment of social reform in a world that has grown separate and inhumane in its political processes. The goal of I.C.E. is to bring Intentional Communities together in order to help spread ideas and techniques and help collaborate their success around the globe. We are establishing a network of resources and people to draw knowledge from a worldwide Intentional Community. It is important to know that we are not attempting to create a New Intentional Community World Order. This is not about tipping the balance of power or fighting the current system. This is about positive focus and creating what we want for our world. Every Intentional Community is different and the systems will range from off-grid communities to collections of friends that gather locally to affect positive change in their own lives. This is why we not only seek current established Intentional Communities, but urban gardeners, conflict resolution specialists, organic farmers, alternative energy suppliers and social system experts as well. I.C.E. will include booths and workshops involving building techniques, growing systems and social relation exercises.

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Intentional Communities are not about running away from dilapidating societies but about the people who live in them and how those people confront the pain that is inherent in our human experience. Pain is inevitable in life, Suffering is not. This is why at the end of each 3 day I.C.E event, there will be a workshop held by Teal Scott, a Spiritual Luminary that teaches how to find bliss in a world of pain and confusion, and how as active members of the human race, we create our own reality.

Blake Dyer
Chief Operating Officer
Teal Eye, LLC.